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A family run business with over three decades of experience.

At Conveyor Specialties, Inc., we describe ourselves as a “golden rule company”. We place our customers, as well as our employees, in the highest regard and continually strive to deliver precise, high quality work performance on every project we take on.

CSI began more than 32 years ago as a full-service mechanical contractor with years of experience.  We ensure a safe jobsite, high quality work and a workforce to service various industry needs and demands. The breadth of our experience means, whether you’re working with our sales staff, our millwrights, or our president, you’ll benefit from a depth of experience and customer relationship focus that’s second-to-none.

We approach each project with a personal touch that seems lost in so many businesses today. The bottom line is that we just plain care about you and your business. This time-tested approach has earned confidence and trust from our clients, loyalty from our vendors and the ability to achieve customer satisfaction in all our endeavors.

At CSI, we believe in excellent craftsmanship, attention to detail and integrity above all.

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